Artificial Intelligence

Brought To Your Projects

We make AI accessible by abstraction away all the nifty details. Use our app in partnership with the AI Vision blox to control hardware. Train the AI on different images and it will learn to recognize the differences.


What Is AI Vision

AI Vision is a product of Witblox designed to bring the power of Image Classification to your projects.

How Does The AI Work

AI Vision is built upon Tensorflow.js. Using the KNN(K-Nearest Neighbor) classifier to derive meaning from the activation presented to us by the MobileNet model.

How Can you Use The AI

We have a product just for this purpose. The AI Vision Blox Connects to the application.


Connect Your Blox

If you have the AI Vision Blox, Use the provided auth code to connect to the app. Dont have one?


Train Your Objects

Locate objects you want the AI to detect with your camera and start training. For best results, train on multiple angles and in a well lit environment.


Test If It Works

The AI will detect everything and try to find resemblance anywhere, but as long as you train it with diverse data, it will do well.

Data Privacy

We do not collect your data. The application uses your camera to make pedictions but that data remains local to your device. The only data going out is your labels.